Why Your Facebook Fans Do Not See Your Updates

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Lately there seem to be a great number of restaurant Facebook pages asking that I change my settings so I can see their updates. This always makes me shake my head. They are under the mistaken assumption that Facebook is robbing them of the opportunity to reach their fans. The problem in their opinion must be with Facebook and they have found a solution to fix it. Unfortunately, this is based on a complete lack of understanding of the way Facebook creates each person’s newsfeed. The problem they should be addressing is: their fans are not interested in what they are posting on Facebook.

Facebook has a very simple goal. They want to make the best possible experience for the user. This in turn leads the user to stay online longer, view more ads, and create more revenue for the shareholders. It all starts with the newsfeed or what most people call their home page. This is where most people spend nearly all of their time on Facebook.

In order to create the best possible user experience on Facebook, they collect tons of data about what you do on their site. Most of this revolves around which people and types of content you are most interested in. This allows them to give the user more of what they are interested in and filter out the rest. The result is Facebook deciding based on your habits what you want to see on your newsfeed.  This was implemented over a year ago by switching the default setting on newsfeeds from “most recent” to “top news.”

This means that even though you felt obligated to accept the friends request from Aunt Millie, you don’t have to get 20 updates a day on her FarmVille game. It also helps insure that you get the update letting you know that the person you have a crush on is now single or your 12 year old daughter is in a relationship. Prior to the implementation of this “top news” filter, many updates you would find important were lost in midst of the chatter you weren’t interested in.

So if your fans aren’t seeing your updates, it simply means that they have not shown an interest in what you have to say. Facebook measures interests by looking at if you interact (like, comment, share, etc.) with a post.  You can ask them to change their settings to see all of your updates, but they probably won’t see that post either. A far more productive way to address the problem is to start posting content your fans will interact with. The problem is not Facebook, it is the content you put on Facebook.

You cannot expect your fans to find your business all that interesting if all you post on Facebook is updates about your specials, awards, and pleas to come into the restaurant. I know your restaurant is important to you, but those are primarily seen as clutter to your fans. Stop and ask yourself before posting, “If another restaurant posted this, would I like it?”‘ If the answer is not affirmative, why should your fans like it? A post that receives no likes, comments, or shares will rarely be seen and also make those who see it without interacting less likely to see your next update.

So before you start asking your fans to change their settings, you need to change your Facebook strategy. Put every update through a paradigm that asks, “Am I providing value to my fans with this post?”  Once you start posting things they want to read, you will find your posts landing on more news feeds. This is the key to having your occasional advertisement be seen. People generally do not get on Facebook to see your ads. Give your fans what they want and you will find them far more likely to value you on Facebook.

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