Facebook Marketing For Restaurants.

marketing your restauran on facebook

Is Facebook not proving to be an as effective of a part of your restaurant marketing plan as in the past?  You are not alone. Facebook is making it harder than ever for restaurants and small businesses to reach fans and potential customers.  

Facebook is sending a clear message to restaurants.  The only way for fan pages to reach their audience is to provide quality content.  Don’t take my word for it, read what they have posted on the official Facebook fan page:

quality content facebook

Facebook does not exist simply to be a free advertising medium for businesses.  They have left you with two options: pay for advertising or produce quality content. 

 facebook advertising for restaurants

Marketing your restaurant on facebook

This system works because it teaches you what Facebook considers quality content, how they measure it, and what you need to do to provide it.
This Book Will Show you:

    What Facebook Can Do For Your Restaurant
    How To Win With The Facebook Algorithm
    What The Objective Of Every Post Should Be
    Methods To Build Your Fan Base
    Steps To Create An Army Of Raving Fans
    The Power Of Sharing
    The Value Of Interactions
    And Much Much More
This book will show you how to use Facebook as an effective part of your restaurant marketing plan and build your brand.  If you are not seeing the results you want from your Facebook marketing efforts, this book is the solution.


David Hayden Author

David Hayden, Author of "Building your Brand With Facebook" and Creator of Restaurant Marketing Plan

I want to reward every restaurant owner who is ready to take action in improving their Facebook marketing efforts.  This is why I am not only offering one book at this incredibly low price.  I intend to over-deliver and provide you with five additional reports at no additional charge as part of this package.  Each of these reports on their own are worth the price of the package. I intend to always provide you with the best value for your restaurant marketing dollar.  That is why I am including all of these reports for free just for taking action today. 

Facebook Timeline Restaurants

This book outlines all of the new features of the Facebook Timeline and gives you step-by-step instructions on how to utilize them all. 

Facebook Updates for restaurants

This book contains over 100 status updates you can use on your Facebook page to increase fan interaction and make sure that your marketing messages are reaching your fans.  This is the type of quality content that Facebook is looking for and I am providing the your 100 updates with this package.

Through a special licensing arrangement, I am able to offer two additional books to help you jump start your restaurant marketing plan.

restaurant marketing google places

 This report provides the information you should know about why Google Places is the great equalizer for independent restaurants.

restaurant seo

This report covers some of the basics of search engine optimization (seo).  This is the key to getting more traffic to your website and converting those visitors into customers. 

As a special bonus, I am including a surprise with this package.  This surprise will even further jumpstart your restaurant’s Facebook marketing plan and start building interactions immediately. 

Most of you are understandably hesitant about deals this good being offered over the internet.  That is why I am offering to you this re-assurance.

If for any reason you do not feel this report is an incredible value at this remarkably low price, just email me personally at David@hospitalityformula.com and I will refund your purchase price.

I wrote the Facebook reports with the goal of helping independent restaurants compete with the corporate chains.  I feel that Facebook can play an important role in your restaruant marketing plan, but it does not require paying an over-priced consultant to update your account for you.  Once you know the most effective strategy to grow your Facebook fan base and turn them into customers, you can see tremendous results from your facebook marketing efforts.