Our Philosophy

restaurant marketingThe Two Key Components of a Restaurant Marketing Plan

When you set out to write your restaurant marketing plan you should begin by taking inventory of two very specific things: time and money.  Everything that you put into your marketing plan will require either time or money.  You can spend your time by gathering the knowledge and training to implement your marketing strategy on your own.  With money you can buy the time of other people who already have this knowledge and training.  No step of your marketing plan will happen on its own.  Each step requires an investment.

The best restaurant marketing plan is built upon getting the maximum return from your investment of both time and money.  You should focus on spending your money on the parts of your plan that would take the greatest amount of your time to recreate.  We do this in most areas of our business.  You could go to law school in order represent yourself in court or you can hire a lawyer.  Unless you plan on spending a great deal of time in court, it is a wise investment to just hire a lawyer.  In this way we leverage our money versus the time they have already invested in law school and their experience practicing law.

Nearly every profession, business, and industry is built on this basic formula.  Someone with knowledge or a skill offers to provide that knowledge or skill as a service for a price.  In fact, guests do this when they come out to eat.  They pay you to make them dinner instead of spending their time learning how to make the dishes, shopping for groceries, stocking a bar, and doing the dishes afterwards.  Guests buy your time with their money.  This allows them more time to focus on providing their service by paying you to provide your service.

My goal with Restaurant Marketing Plan is to create a better system.  Rather than simply charging restaurants to implement their marketing plan, I want to provide choices.  Not every service provided by someone who offers to market your restaurant requires a great deal of skill.  In fact there is a wide spectrum of services that require varying degrees of knowledge and time to implement.  I believe in providing an “a la carte” variety of restaurant marketing services.

To assist with your restaurant marketing plan, this website is designed to:

  • Provide you with the knowledge to get the greatest value out of the time you invest in your restaurant marketing plan.
  • Teach you the steps to market your restaurant that can be done in minutes with no special tools or technology.
  • Give you a reasonable assessment of how much time you can expect to spend on different marketing tasks if you choose to do them yourself.
  • Offer to provide most online marketing services at a reasonable rate.
  • Create a comprehensive plan that allows you to make the most of your limited time and money.

There are also a wide variety of tools and software available to make these jobs easier.  I have purchased a number of them to help my clients. This means that in many cases I can utilize these tools to help your restaurant for less than they would cost for you to purchase.  I also have a great deal of experience in website design.  I have been designing websites for myself and my clients for years.  This means that I can create a professional restaurant website in less time than it would take to do it yourself and for less money than most companies would charge for a comparable site.  Most importantly, I will work with you to develop a plan that fits your budget.  I am not trying to sell a single product or service.  Instead, I want to find a way to make all of the pieces of your online restaurant marketing plan work together to create the greatest return on your investment.

There is another way that both time and money are linked in your restaurant marketing plan.  The more time you spend delaying implementing your plan, the more money you are losing.  “Tomorrow” is the most expensive day of your life.  All of the profitable ideas you put off until “tomorrow” are costing your business money.  Take advantage of time to make more money by implementing a restaurant marketing plan today that will make you money for all of the “tomorrows” to come.