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restaurant marketing ideas

There are a wide variety of restaurant marketing ideas covered on this website to address parts of your restaurant marketing plan.  This page will help you find information on exactly the topics you are interested in.  Many of the restaurant marketing plan components discussed on this website are connected or can benefit from synergy.  For example your website can recieve traffic from your Google Places listing and convert it to an OpenTable reservation or a Facebook fan.  Even though these topics are listed individually, all can benefit from creating a comprehensive restaurant marketing plan that takes each into account.

Here are some of the restaurant marketing ideas already discussed on this website:


Search Engine Optimization

Social Networks


Google Places



QR Codes

Website Design

This website is constantly growing with new articles and restaurant marketing ideas.  In addition, you can find links to some of the very best social media blogs on the internet.  Visiting this site often will keep you up to date in all of the advances in online restaurant marketing.  You can also recieve updates on all articles posted throughout The Hospitality Formula Network by becoming a Facebook fan or Twitter follower on the right side of this page.  This will not only provide you with ideas for restaurant marketing, but also insight into various restaurant operation topics as well.

The goal of Hospitality Formula Consulting is to help independent restaurants succeed by creating a comprehensive restaurant marketing plans that can work on nearly any budget.  This site will provide you with up to date information on how to execute many of the components of your marketing plan.  To obtain the maximum results from your efforts, it is important to undertand how to utilize each part to enhance the value of all of your other efforts.  Hospitality Formula Consulting is available to help you develope this plan or assist with implementing any of the components.  For more information, please contact David Hayden at