Google+ Local For Restaurants: Free Report of the Month

Google+ Local for RestaurantsWith the buzz surrounding the introduction of Google + Local combining Google Places with Google+, I have decided that this topic needs more discussion. For this reason, I am releasing Google+ Local for Restaurants as the new free report of the month. This report is an excellent resource to bring you up to speed on how you can link your existing Google Places account with your restaurant’s Google+ account. There is also a section dedicated to interpreting the new Zagat scores that you will find on your restaurant’s Google listing. This is a comprehensive overview of the changes that have come with the introduction of Google+ Local for Restaurants and how your restaurant can benefit from it.

There is no way that a short report could teach you everything you need to know about Google+ Local for restaurants. The Google+ social network itself has great potential for restaurants, but at the moment I am advising my clients to hold off on making it a primary social media focus. I am digging deep into the information available to find a unique way for my clients to achieve maximum value from Google+ with the minimum time investment. As soon as I find a way to present this information concisely, I will bring this information to those who request this free report.
To add even more value to Google+ Local for Restaurants, I am including two additional bonuses. The first is a short video showing giving you step by step instructions to set up your Google+ account. I am also adding a report titles Google+ Local for Consumers. This is a free report you can hand out to your regulars and staff to show the importance of Google+ reviews to your restaurant. To receive this valuable information simply visit the free restaurant report page on this site.

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