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Why Restaurant Reputation Management Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Plan

Reputation management for restaurants is the most commonly overlooked part of a comprehensive restaurant marketing plan.  Most owners understand the need of a great looking website.  Many understand the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) to improve their rankings in Google search.  These are areas where restaurants spend large amounts of money to try to […]

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Google+ Local For Restaurants: Free Report of the Month

With the buzz surrounding the introduction of Google + Local combining Google Places with Google+, I have decided that this topic needs more discussion. For this reason, I am releasing Google+ Local for Restaurants as the new free report of the month. This report is an excellent resource to bring you up to speed on […]

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Google + Local For Restaurants

Google has changed the rules of the game yet again.  Google Places is now Google + Local.  The new concept integrates your Google + for Business account with your Google Places listing.  If you didn’t take my advice before and get a Google + for Business account, sign up for it now.  Seriously, open a […]

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restaurant groupon

New Insights On Groupons For Restaurants

One of the hottest topics among restaurant owners in recent years has been whether Groupon and other daily deal offers were a good form of restaurant marketing.  The economic downturn left restaurants searching for ways to fill their empty tables.  Groupon stormed onto the scene with a great deal of media buzz and left restaurant […]

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QR codes for restaurants

Using QR Codes for Restaurant Marketing

QR codes can be a very useful resource in your restaurant marketing plan.  These codes have become ubiquitous in the last couple of years.  As more consumers switch to smart phones, this trend can only continue in the foreseeable future.  Unfortunately, many restaurant marketing companies are convincing restaurant owners that they must spend a fortune […]

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opentable restaurant marketing

How Restaurants Can Save Money On OpenTable

Let me make it perfectly clear from to beginning of this post: if your restaurant uses OpenTable, you need to read this post.  A great deal has been written lately about the cost of OpenTable to restaurants.  Many restaurant owners have decided that the cost per reservation does not justify using the system.  I would […]

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google marketing restaurant

Why Google Places is the Great Restaurant Marketing Equalizer

The goal of your restaurant marketing plan should be to reach your potential guests where they go to make their restaurant decisions.  Companies like Groupon, OpenTable, and others market themselves as the place where you can reach your guests at this critical decision point.  While these sites have their place, no site can compare to […]

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